j0nny145 asked:
There are more than 7 billion human beings on this planet. Every day people die and babies are born. And among all those humans there is you. A unique human. Noone else is like you and noone ever will be able to replace you. No matter what or how worse your problems are, it's worth fighting them even if it's for many, many years because this world needs you because there is no second person like you. NONE. I love you so please don't give up. Keep thinking of the good things even if theyre small.

I wish there would be no person like me at all on this F’ed planet.

themedone asked:
man What the Fuck , i just read some ask posts and realised that you're willing to kill yourself , is that the example you wanna Give to your followers,to Us?! i don't know how many are they,i'm sure a lot , lot of them are depressed and disperate you want to give up thats it ?you think that you gonna reborne in another life where you'll be happier , be sure the next life will be like this one YOU HAVE TO FIGHT TO BE HAPPY even there ,you gonna kill yourself there again?? thats not the solution.

I’ve fought it my whole life and nothing changed at all :(

I'm back because you... the you who is here right now in this time and place.... are worth it. You are loved as you are. You... the collection of atoms and molecules that have come together to create such an amazing person.... you are the person we love. Please stay with us.


You are loved. Just as you are. Be an inspiration to others... not through your death but through fighting to overcome whatever is causing you this much pain. If you think that your death means nothing to others you are so wrong. Fight, cry, curse me and everyone else, but live. Take one more day to think it through, to talk to someone, to really realize what your death will mean to those who love you. Choose to live, please.


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